About us

With about 8 years of experiences in the vaping industry, KSL has been created in order to bring a solution for the beginners and advanced users of vape devices including pod systems and box devices.

One of the problems we have encountered is that from a device to another, the flavor of the liquids could taste differently. While some devices are able to respect the original flavors of a liquid, some others may deliver a bad vaping experience.

Our goal is to offer a solution that the users can rely on.

Focused on excellence
Our team is constantly aiming to provide the best experience to our customers. We want them to experience and appreciate their vape juices the right way. That is the reason we focus on manufacturing devices.

Anticipation is key
Just like in any industry, the vaping market is constantly facing changes. Our team is constantly listening to the customers and pays attention to how the market is changing in order to anticipate the next device that the customers will be expecting for. We believe that a clear understanding of the vape industry can lead to better ideas and, therefore, better products.

Proximity and communication
Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers. If there is any issue with our devices, we need to hear it from them so that we can provide adequate support. We are actively present on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Weibo. If our customers want to communicate with us or share feedback regarding our products and services, we would be more than glad to bring answers to any of their request. We believe in long term relationships with our partners. For us, our partners aren’t just partners, they are members of the KSL Family.

Improve ourselves
Our job is not only to provide quality products and services. Our will is also to make these products and services better. There is always room for improvement at every level.

Our team members are passionated and focused. We want to design and manufacture products that reflects our spirits and the values of our company.

The engineers behind KSL has been part of one of the most powerful and reputable companies specializing in the integration of R&D (Research & Development), the manufacturing and marketing of electronic cigarette products. We have five years experiences on electronic cigarette business and we have built our reputation by providing high quality products and services.